Turkmenistan President To Pay Each Woman $Eleven For Women’s Day

Turkmenistan President To Pay Each Woman $Eleven For Women’s Day

According to CT, surveillance of activists and their relatives consisted of wiretapping, monitoring of postal correspondence, and periodic visits by district police officers. Observers estimated a number between a hundred and 200, together with the NGO Prove They Are Alive’s record of 121 prisoners. Even when the courts noticed due process, the authority of the federal government prosecutor far exceeded that of the protection lawyer, making it tough for the defendant to receive a fair trial. Court transcripts regularly have been flawed or incomplete, particularly when there was a need to translate defendants’ testimony from Russian to Turkmen.

All different denominations are forbidden to have a place of worship, and Turkmenistan is the one country in Central Asia whose government sponsors spiritual persecution. The flight of some 2,327 Jews from Turkmenistan since the collapse of the Soviet Union has left those remaining in a precarious position. The lack of a Jewish neighborhood combined with the growing reputation of Islamic fundamentalism and the human rights violations on the part of Niayazov’s totalitarian government has created a dangerous situation for Turkmen Jews. Freedom of movement is restricted, with a reported blacklist stopping some people from touring overseas.

For this population, higher training at college institutions is never an choice. They are rejected outright for the nationwide belief that their identity just isn’t true Turkmen. The Turkmen authorities enforces arbitrary bans on foreign journey on numerous groups of people.

School Life Expectancy (Major To Tertiary Education)

The spouse may stop masking her head with a yaşmak after a yr of her wedding ceremony, after the birth of her first born, or by a decision inside the family. The metropolis feels like it was designed and built for a population that by no means materialized. The solely individuals reliably found on the street are police officers, who are in all places, guarding what typically looks like nothing.

The media operated beneath agency state management, resulting in self-censorship and an inability to report events regarded by the authorities as adverse, including the unfold of COVID-19. The lifestyle continued to fall and shortages of food in addition to money endured, with typically exceptionally lengthy queues at the limited variety of financial institution machines. The extent of the economic problems was masked by an official exchange rate which overvalued the native currency. The law prohibits pregnant women, women with youngsters up to age three, women with disabled kids youthful than age 16, and single mother and father with two or more youngsters from working overtime. The government, as well as many personal-sector employers, required staff to work 10 hours a day or a sixth day without compensation. Reports indicated many public-sector staff worked a minimum of a half day on Saturdays.

Check your government’s travel advice earlier than planning your trip, and double examine the areas you’re visiting aren’t suggested as ‘Do not travel’. Tour operators will also have the ability to assist establish which areas are unsafe for overseas guests.

Turkmenistan Women Ages Sixty Five And Above Per 100 Men

However, independent groups and the interviewees for this report agree that unemployment charges are extraordinarily excessive. The U.S. authorities estimates that as much as 70% of Turkmenistan’s population is unemployed. In the previous decade, the Turkmen government has decreased compulsory schooling from eleven years to 9 years. The authorities’s closure of most of the country’s Russian colleges has further resulted in a decline within the quality of schooling. As noted beforehand, the only group that the government identifies in its report as an NGO devoted to women is the Union of Women – Gurbansultan-Eje. That organization, like the opposite “essential social associations” highlighted within the report, has sturdy ties to the federal government and does not act as an impartial entity. In practice, the proper to take part in political life in Turkmenistan and the actual participation of some women in authorities has little influence on determination-making processes.

Second, the absence of nationwide public condemnation of domestic violence has contributed to an environment during which women are hesitant to report the abuse. Domestic violence is generally thought-about to be a personal matter, and exposing issues within a household to the general public is commonly considered as scandalous. Therefore, an absence of sympathy for victims of home violence may stop some women from seeking help.

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Turkmenistan is a repressive authoritarian state the place political rights and civil liberties are almost completely denied in practice. Elections are tightly controlled, ensuring nearly unanimous victories for the president and his celebration.

In some cases, significantly in rural areas, parents even instruct their sons to abuse their new wives (who usually reside with their in-legal guidelines) to be able to make them extra docile. Some moms-in-law even justify abuse as needed because they, too, had to endure it after they were new brides. This creates a vicious cycle that takes an unlimited physical and psychological toll on women, and there are no public education campaigns to intervene. In Paragraph 152, the Turkmen Party Report states that “property acquired by spouses throughout a marriage is their frequent property. As a outcome, women who would otherwise exercise their right to divorce may feel they’re unable to do so as a result of they will be left with no home.


On October 30, RFE/RL reported Turkmenistan authorities officers continued to harass Taganova and her household. In February 2018 authorities reportedly arrested Omruzak Omarkulyev, a Turkmen university student finding out in Turkey. Omarkulyev had created an off-the-cuff Turkmen students’ membership at his college in Turkey. In March 2018 Omarkulyev went lacking after migration authorities allegedly banned him from returning to Turkey for his research. RFE/RL and the Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights, an exile group, reported that Omarkulyev was sentenced to twenty years in jail on unknown charges and was being held at the most-safety prison in Ovadandepe. In September, RFE/RL reported on a video in which Omarkulyev appeared though he didn’t converse within the video. The video claimed authorities had not arrested Omarkulyev and, as a substitute, he was serving his obligatory two-yr military service.

Mayagozel Ekeyeza of Turkmenistan competes in the women’s up to 79kg category on the WPPO Americas Open Championships. They also turkmenistan women complain that the worldwide Jehovah’s Witness web site, , is blocked in Turkmenistan.

Part I: Making A Nation

Authorities suppress independent voices and retaliate in opposition to local stringers for international outlets. In 2020, Turkmenistan skilled cascading social and financial crises as the federal government recklessly denied and mismanaged the Covid-19 epidemic inside the country.

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